Penis Lengthening Technique – Suspensory Ligament Division

In all men, a certain part of the penis is not visible and extends inside the body. The hidden part, as it is often referred to, is attached to the pubic bone through the so called suspensory ligaments. These do not play any functional role for the penis but help retain an upwards facing erection, as opposed to downwards which is the natural tendency of the penis.

A Suspensory Ligament Division (Ligamentolysis) can be viewed as the basis of a penis lengthening operation and involves cutting the suspensory ligaments. This allows part of the “hidden” penis to move outside the body. As a result the visible part of the penis increases.

The incision should be made at the base of the penis. VY-plasties (incisions made as a V and closed as a Y) have been used in the past, but have created horrible scars. Modern day surgery avoids VY-plasties because of big scaring.

At International Andrology we have devised a special incision technique of only a few centimetres in length to achieve maximum length gain without any visible prominent scars.

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