Male Enhancement Series 1 | Penis Enlargement Subliminal

Penis enlargement. Male enhancement.

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This subliminal is designed to help you increase your penis size. Your penis will become thicker and longer.

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Instructions: Listen to every day WITH HEADPHONES or EAR BUDS for at least 1 hour while meditating or relaxing. Do not watch tv, work on the computer, or do anything else physical. Just focus on the music and allow the affirmations to soak into your subconcious. It’s ok if you fall asleep. Your subconcious mind will still pick up the affirmations. First stage results are generally seen within a few weeks, but may be quicker for others, and slower for some. It all depends on your desire to make this happen. The stronger the desire, the quicker the results. To play this video on repeat just right click on the video and select Loop, or you can create a playlist and add the video to it several times.

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