Discreet Penis Enlargement

For me, the shower is actually the most discrete place. But you’ve stated that that is not a good time in your situation. I would go with the bathroom, but come up with some other reason (other than showering or the toilet). If you’ve got a long session as it appears in your case, you will have to come up with something that justifies the length of time. I’m not the best at making up things but reasons I’ve thought of are

:eye exercises: i have bad vision and there are programs which attempt to improve your eyesight which require using a warm rag to warm up your eyes, similar to pe. if you have perfect vision, that’s not gonna work.

:muscles or massage: if you work out, come up with a story about how you need to warm up your muscles or massage them. i’ve heard
of hot cold compress, come up with something like that

:getting ready: i suppose its more acceptable nowadays for guys to take longer getting ready. you could come up with something like
i’m paying close attention to keeping my facial hair groomed or it takes me long to get on the right clothes, etc. some people won’t
care if a guy takes a long time, others might judge you but at the end of the day you’ll have to figure out if pe or their perceptions
of you is more important. and that applies to all reasons because sooner or later people will figure them to be bs and you’ll have
to figure out what’s more important.
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