Bigger Longer Harder Wider – Erection and Penis Growth

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Have you ever wished you could be bigger, harder, longer and wider? This session has it all…. because after all, who doesn’t want a bigger, harder, longer and wider cock? Men want it…..women want it……everyone wants it. This mind melting session will completely blow you away…. because Dr. Katz really lets her hair down and gives you what you want. This session will make you absolutely crazy because Dr. Katz has a very special technique that gives you specific instructions on exactly how to stroke your cock slowly…very slowly…then fast, very fast. Riding on this wave of desire is tortuous but delicious.

The best part of this mind-blowing session is that it not only makes your cock
bigger, harder, longer and wider, it also allows you to hold your erection for as long as you or your partner needs.

The added bonus is that the more you listen to it, the bigger and wider (it’s all about the girth guys) your penis gets…..a little sexual therapy Kat style. Research shows that just as hypnosis can help you lose weight or stop smoking, it can also help you grow a larger penis, because you are whatever your subconscious mind thinks you are and whatever Dr. Katz tells you.

Learn how to prolong the sexual experience so you get more out your favorite body part. Your cock and your partner will be screaming in blissful pleasure. This session has something for everyone….after all, who doesn’t want a bigger penis? Men want it and more importantly women want it. And how do they want it….bigger, harder, longer and wider!

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